LCS Digital Weighbridges

◆Standardized,modular,serialization multi-unit combination scale body
◆Weighing capacity 1-150T,platform size optional
◆Using RS485 standard interface with the digital sensor,the maximum signal transmission distance and be 12,000 meters
◆Directly through the indicator panel for manual/automatic bias adjustment(adjust the corners)
◆Automatically tracing and reading data for single sensor,judging whether the force balance on basis of many sensors
◆High-precision column type weighing sensor
◆Digital junction box,optional 4-12 holes
◆Serial interface has current loop,RS232 and other signals
◆Able to connect printers ,large-screen indicator to print out weighing data
◆Long-distance data management with PC microcomputer
◆Able to change the sensor ID no. on the spot,with automatic fault diagnosis function

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